Position: 1st AD

«SPOOKERS» – DocuDrama.
On the grounds of a former psychiatric hospital, a close-knit community of horror performers transform their lives at the most successful haunted attraction in the Southern Hemisphere. In this family, scaring is caring!

Director: Florian Habicht

D.O.P: Grant Adams

Producers: Madman Production CoJunkyard Universe, New Zealand Film Commission & Screen Australia

The Guardian is talking about the film HERE:

” (…) But at the film’s heart is the performers’ personal stories about their own struggles – with health, self-confidence, relationships, sexuality, mental illness – and the catharsis and connections they’ve found in their work. “There’s a lot that happens behind the makeup,” says one skeletal farmer, sombrely.

The inherent surrealism of the setup is made explicit in dreamlike, theatrical sequences of Habicht’s own devising – like one in which a zombie bride rages about being unable to land a date (“Most guys don’t find me too attractive, which is just crazy, because I’ve actually got the whole thing going on”). (…)”


More pictures on the Madman Productions page.


2016 – Auckland, New Zealand

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